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Six String Supplies — 9-Way Stratocaster Wiring 9 way strat wiring mod using push pull pots.

Parallel Push Pull Pot Wiring Diagram - A push-pull pot is a standard control pot with an on/on mini switch added to it. The control knob looks and works the same as ever, but push/pulling it operates the switch. You get lots of new wiring possibilities by adding the switch, but you don't have to drill a hole or rout new space in the wiring. Here's a 4-way Tele wiring setup that adds a push-pull volume pot to give you the option of having the pickups out-of-phase in Positions 2 & 4. This wiring also uses the Fender TBX tone control wired like Fender wires it (not my modified TBX wiring). The tone cap is the .047uF cap that is more typical with Teles than the .022uF typically used in Strats.. Pictures (1) New Wiring for Series / Split / Parallel wiring 22 Push/Pull pot with condenser before soldering the wires and ‘bridge’ NOTE: The picture shows the condenser soldered to the *WRONG* leg of the pot: if the signal is soldered to the central lug, the condenser must be soldered to the LEFT lug, and not the RIGHT as here – my mistake..

Coil Select + Series/Parallel Uses 4 push pull pots and one mini toggle, for LP type guitars (requires adding mini toggle) Six Way Rotor Switch This link goes to a page showing the "wiring grid" for a six way rotor switch designed to give all possible sounds from a single humbucker.. 14.07.2017  · If you planning to do this mod, take a quick screen shot of this diagram for future reference. In this configuration, when the switch is in the up position, you will be in parallel, click the. If you’d like to share your custom wiring diagrams with us, please send a schematic. Series/Parallel using a Push/Pull pot, 4-Way switch and Fender S1 wiring diagrams are available on the JBE website for your reference..

Parallel Wiring Because of the way these models are constructed, parallel (dual sound) wiring is not a useful option and is not recommended. Single-Coil Switching (Coil Splitting) Single-coil mode will produce a slightly brighter and louder sound than series hum canceling mode, as long as the coil closest to the strings (the one with red and black wires) remains on. Single-coil mode is not hum. 01.02.2017  · Hi all, I'm stumped. I bought a CTS 250k push pull pot for my Jazz Bass, but can't find a decent diagram to wire it for series / parallel. The diagram. Thi s setup uses a push-pull (or push-push) pot to change the standard Strat wiring so that position 1 can be the Neck & Bridge in series. Position 2 also changes to be the Neck & Bridge in series with the Middle pickup in parallel..

What i like to get is using the tone push/pull pot to alternate between the P90 and the rail, and that that same tone pot doesnt do nothing to the bridge pickup except be affected by the tone sweeper. ( No split coils on bridge pickup)..

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